Management Team & Functions
Position Name & Introduction, Responsibilities
General Manager


  • EMBA Master of Nation Sun Yat-sen University ,Vise President of MILDEX
  • Independent Director of TAYIH KENMOS,Director of Sun Sin-KY and Cyber Tan
  • The special assistant of Chairman and Spokesman of Emerging Display
  • To allocate company resource based on the core of company developing, vision and target planning. It aims to maximize the benefit and enhance the value of Department and Staff
  • To implement and practice the philosophy and core values of general manager
Vice President


  • National Tsinghua University Advanced Management, Master (EMBA)
  • Deputy General Manager of Touch Products Business Unit of ESMT
  • Deputy General Manager of Marketing Business of Giantplus Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Based on the company's operating direction and the goals set by the general manager, assist in planning the execution and decision-making of various major businesses.
  • Exercising the management responsibility for the guidance and supervision of the four major operating units of product planning, research and development, manufacturing, and quality assurance.
Vice President


  • Aalto University EMBA
  • Darwinprecisions Corporation -Head of Component Business
  • Guangzhou Lite-On Mobile Electronic Components Co., Ltd.-Deputy General Manager of Marketing
  • Shenzhen Huaxing Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.-Marketing Director
  • Military-industrial standard touch panel and agent related business.
  • The specification of product development is drafted.
  • Mildex USA business (covering America, Europe, Middle East and Africa).
  • Supervise the business of designated customers


  • QC Department Assistant Manager of PANJIT
  • Electronic Engineering of Kao Yuan University
  • Draw up monthly production plan and manpower allocation according to business goals.
  • Order production progress follow-up and control.
  • Process stability requirements and control.
  • Efficiency management and yield requirement management of each unit.
  • Control of various manufacturing expenses.
  • Repair and maintenance of production equipment.
  • Factory equipment operation monitoring, maintenance and abnormal handling.
  • Energy saving management and control of plant and equipment.
  • Various inquiry and bargaining procurement management.
  • Supplier development and management.
  • Raw materials purchase, acceptance and inventory control.
  • Finished products storage, storage and inventory control.
  • Undertake orders from the business department, schedule delivery, and schedule and follow-up of monthly production plans.

Su, Gao-Hui

  • Master of The Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Science , National Tsing Hua University
  • Project Manager of E Ink Holdings Inc.
  • Senior manager of Dahong Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Module product planning and promotion.
  • Outsourcing related strategic planning and evaluation.
Financial Dept. Director


  • Manager of HannStar Board Co., Ltd
  • Department of International Business of  Chung Yuan Christian University 
  • To analysis company financial resource and it's dispatching and raising
  • To manage the operation of foreign currency exchange
  • Cashier management and other related job
Accounting Dept. Manager


  • Department of Business Administration of  Kao Yuan University
  • Accounting Department Commissioner of PANJIT
  • To establish a perfect accounting system
  • To deal with accounting jobs, subsidiary supervision, inventory  and fixed assets checking, planning and execution of budget and taxation
  • Consolidated financial statements preparation, financial statements analysis, shareholders preparation, business analysis information preparation and board meeting related jobs.