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Mildex Optical Inc. is a publicly traded company incorporated on May of 2005. We are a touch screen manufacturer with certifications including but not limited to IATF-16949,ISO-9001,ISO-14001,CNS 15506.

Core Values

Business Concept


Mildex upholds firmly in running the business with the principles of 3S’s: Symbiosis, Superiority, and Sustainability.

Customized Services

Vertically Integrated Technology


Mildex provides customers fully customized services for different fields of applications. Given our solid experience and core technology, we pride ourselves in providing one-stop shop services for full optical bonding of touch screen panels and LCDs modules.

Mildex History

  • 2005

    Mildex Optical Inc. Established
  • 2005

    Acquired ISO 9001 Quality Control System Certification
  • 2006

    Mildex Optical Inc. USA Established
  • 2007

    Invested in the Touchscreen business
  • 2009

    Stock Listed Publicly on the Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • 2011

    Acquired ISO 14001 Environmental
    Management System Certification Acquired ISO 45001 Professional Health & Safety Management System Certification (Originally OHSAS18001)
    Acquired CNS 15506 Taiwan Professional Health & Safety Management System Certification (Originally TOSHMS2007)
  • 2011

    Set up office in Taipei
  • 2017

    Manufacturing factory established in Kaohsiung Science Park
    (Southern Management Bureau)
  • 2018

    Optical Bonding Production Line established
  • 2019

    Received the Exemplary Award for Corporate Workplace Equality
  • 2020

    Certified for IATF 16949 Automotive Industry Quality Control System