Audit Committee Membership and Resume

Position Name / Education Experience / Major Current Positions


Education Experience
  • National Cheng Kung University
Major Current Positions
  • Director and General Manager of Shen Kai Preciision co,Ltd.


Education Experience
  • Department of Law,National Chung Hsing University
Major Current Positions
  • Dano Law Firm


Education Experience
  • Department of Finance SHU-TE UNIVERSITY
Major Current Positions
  • Jiang Hong International Consultant Co.,Ltd

NOTE:The term of the Audit Committee is from 12 June, 2020 to 11 June, 2023.

Operation of the Audit Committee

The audit committee of the company is composed of all independent directors and holds at least one meeting every quarter. Its main operations are as follows:

1. The operation of the company's audit committee focuses on the supervision of the following matters:

  • Appropriate expression of the company's financial statements.
  • The selection (dismissal), remuneration, independence and performance of certified accountants.
  • Effective implementation of internal control.
  • Relevant laws and regulations should be followed.
  • The management and control of the company's existing or potential risks.

2. The main functions and powers of the audit committee of the company are listed as follows:

  • Establish or amend the internal control system in accordance with Article 14 of the Securities and Exchange Act.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the internal control system.
  • In accordance with the provisions of Article 36 of the Securities and Exchange Law, stipulate or amend the processing procedures for the acquisition or disposal of assets, derivative commodity transactions, capital loans to others, endorsements or guarantees for others.
  • Matters involving the director's own interests.
  • Significant asset or derivative commodity transactions.
  • Significant fund loans, endorsements or guarantees.
  • Raising, issuing or private placement of equity securities.
  • Appointment, dismissal or remuneration of certified public accountants.
  • Appointment and removal of financial, accounting or internal audit supervisors.
  • Annual financial report signed or stamped by the chairman, manager and accounting supervisor, and the second quarter financial report subject to verification by accountants.
  • Other major matters specified by the company or the competent authority.


Audit Committee Performance Assessment

The company has established a Regulations Governing the Board and Functional Committees Performance Evaluation, which performs at least once internal Functional Committee performance evaluation every year, and uses the evaluation results as a reference basis for selecting or nominating independent directors.

2020 Performance: The 2020 annual performance evaluation is as follows:

Evaluation Type Evaluation Method Criteria Evaluation Result
Audit Committee performance assessment Evaluated by the Audit Committee according to the actual operation of the Functional Committee.
  • Participation in the operation of the company
  • Awareness of the duties of the functional committee
  • Improvement of quality of decisions made by the functional committee
  • Makeup of the functional committee and election of its members.
  • Internal control
  • The assessment results show that the overall operation of the Audit Committee of the company is still perfect, in line with the spirit of corporate governance.
  • The above performance evaluation results were reported to the board of directors on March 25, 2021.

The Communication between Independent Directors, Internal auditor supervisor and CPAs

I. The communication channel between the independent directors, internal auditor supervisor and independent auditors.

  • The internal audit supervisor regularly report to the independent directors during the audit committee meeting, and disussion the audit result and follow-up status.
  • The company's CPA present company's financial report and audit (or review) result to independent directors during the audit committee meeting semiannual, and provide professional advice and recommendations for the company's major decisions in the audit committee and the board of directors nonscheduled.

II. Summary of the communication between independent director and internal audit supervisor.

  • The communication between independent director and internal auditor supervisor are going well for auditing and implementation.

Summary of the communication between independent director and internal audit supervisor.

2021 / 03 / 25
2021 / 05 / 10
2021 / 08 / 10
2021 / 11 / 09

The summary for previous communication between independent directors and CPA.

2021 / 03 / 25
2021 / 05 / 10
2021 / 08 / 10
2021 / 11 / 09