Touch Display Module

Our standalone touch screen, otherwise known as touch panel module (TPM), can be further integrated with LCDs using optically clear adhesive (OCA/dry) or optically clear resin (OCR/liquid) as bonding agents to achieve the complete design of a Touch Display Modules (TDM).

We provide different options for optical bonding agents based upon environmental factors and the types of LCD modules used. To fulfill customer demands for specific product specs and functional qualities, we tailor the bonding process to be compatible with the customized TPM itself.

  • Product Description

Direct / Air Bonding

Item OCR OCA Adhesive
Structure TPM + LCM TPM + LCM
CG + G sensor
Product Size(Max.) 32” 21.6” Unlimited

Optical Bonding

Item Direct Bonding Air Bonding
Material OCA / OCR DST
Optical properties 2% Reflectivity 12% Reflectivity
Contrast Excellent Poor

TDM Integrated Service