X and Y-axis are staggered against each other for a serial arrangement. Principle of operation is based on the following: the transparent ITO electrodes of the touch screen, when in contact with human finger or a conductor, produces a capacitive induction which triggers the control IC to run data calculation that is then transformed into coordination interpretable by the operating system. Product structure is based primarily on film sensor, and the advantage is that it is highly customizable and can be combined with icon key design for an integrated design.

Product Properties:

  • Customizable appearances and colors
  • Narrow border design
  • Anti-reflection/anti-glare/anti-fingerprint surface treatment
  • EMI shielding solutions
  • COF & COB design
  • Combinations of transmission interfaces available (USB、I2C、RS232)
  • Special functional applications (glove touch sensitive, palm rejection, droplet false activation, active stylus pen, inactive stylus pen)