Compensation Committee Membership and Resume

Position Name / Education Experience / Major Current Positions


Education Experience
  • National Cheng Kung University
Major Current Positions
  • Director and General Manager of Shen Kai Preciision co,Ltd.


Education Experience
  • Department of Law,National Chung Hsing University
Major Current Positions
  • Dano Law Firm


Education Experience
  • Department of Finance SHU-TE UNIVERSITY
Major Current Positions
  • Jiang Hong International Consultant Co.,Ltd

NOTE:The term of the Compensation Committee is from 12 June, 2020 to 11 June, 2023.

The operation of the remuneration committee

The remuneration committee of the company is composed of all independent directors and holds at least two meetings a year. Its main operations are as follows:

  • Regularly review the "Salary and Compensation Committee Organization Regulations" and propose amendments.
  • Formulate and regularly review the company’s directors and managers’ annual and long-term performance targets and remuneration policies, systems, standards and structures.
  • Regularly evaluate the achievement of the performance goals of the directors and managers of the company, and determine the content and amount of their individual remuneration.

The reasons for discussion and resolution of the company’s 2020 salary and compensation committee, and the company’s handling of members’ opinions:

Meeting Date Proposal Content Resolution Result
2020.11.11 (1)Election of the convener and chairman of the 4th Salary and Compensation Committee.

After 2020.11.11 Remuneration Committee, all the present members passed the proposal without objection.

2020.12.17 (1) Formulate the "Remuneration Measures for Directors, Members of Functional Committees, and Managers".
(2) The year-end bonus case for managers of the company in 2020 years.
After the 2020.12.17 Remuneration Committee, all the members present passed the proposal without objection.


The reasons for discussion and resolution of the company's 2021 salary and compensation committee, and the company's handling of members' opinions:

Meeting Date Proposal Content Resolution Result
2021.5.10 (1) Revise the company's "Performance Incentive Measures" proposal. After 2021.5.10 Remuneration Committee, all the members present passed the proposal without objection.


Compensation Committee Performance Evaluation

The company has established a Regulations Governing the Board and Functional Committees Performance Evaluation, which performs at least once internal Functional Committee performance evaluation every year, and uses the evaluation results as a reference basis for selecting or nominating Compensation committee members. The 2020 annual performance evaluation is as follows:

Evaluation Type Evaluation Method Criteria Evaluation Result
Overall Compensation Committee Performance Evaluation Evaluated by the Compensation Committee according to the actual operation of the Functional Committee.
  • Participation in the operation of the company
  • Awareness of the duties of the functional committee
  • Improvement of quality of decisions made by the functional committee
  • Makeup of the functional committee and election of its members.
  • Internal control
  • The assessment results show that the overall operation of the Compensation Committee of the company is still perfect, in line with the spirit of corporate governance.
  • The above performance evaluation results were reported to the board of directors on March 25, 2021